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Guidance Capital

Guidance Capital is an accomplished team of financial professionals and supporting team members including bookkeepers and Certified Public Accountants. Our deep understanding of markets, investment solutions and planning strategies help provide clarity and confidence to our valued clients.

Guidance Capital, Inc. is the combined efforts of independent financial planners who realized throughout their career that the synergies existing between like-minded professionals, those that value planning and service above networking and prospecting, both enhances client experience and industry success. This enhanced service model provides insights and solutions into areas of financial planning not traditionally accessible from a single-advisor-solution; among other areas of specialization, our team has in-house access to tax professionals, estate planning professionals, and professionals in the increasingly complicated health insurance space.

Of top importance for most individuals considering help in financial planning is the approach to portfolio construction and management. Our academic approach to investing can best be summarized by our four pillars of investment success:

  • Simple – It is a misconception that successful investment strategies should be complicated. The more complicated something is, the more opportunity exists for unexpected outcomes. There is power and predictability in simplicity.
  • Repeatable – While being in the right place at the right time has certainly resulted in successful investment outcomes in the past, “woulda, coulda, shoulda” investment solutions all too often lead to disaster. At Guidance Capital our investment solutions rely on historical evidence and demonstrate reliability over-time in different market climates as opposed to fad investment trends.
  • Transparent – Blackbox investment solutions demanding trust over accountability all too often lead to disappointment; Guidance Capital planners look for mutual accountability in client relationships and find that transparency in how assets are managed is key to setting expectations.
  • Cost Effective – Simply put, costs levied against an investment solution are the most easily identified barrier to investment success. The cost associated to a given investment strategy should not be prohibitive to successful outcomes defined by a client’s financial objectives and plan.

To learn more about Guidance Capital, consider scheduling a time to meet with one of our financial planners.

Beau Handy - Headshot

Beau J. Handy, CFP®, CFS®

Managing Partner & Financial Planner

“Success is more than luck, it requires purposeful planning. Our clients work hard to create wealth and it’s our team’s mission to work with clients and create a plan that helps protect and grow their wealth in a predictable manner.”