About Us

Guidance Capital Management Group is

an accomplished team of financial professionals with over fifty years of combined industry experience. Our deep understanding of markets, specialty products and planning strategies provide clarity and confidence to our valued clients.

GCMG was formally created in 2007 when Jim Szeszulski, GCMG’s President, joined forces with another adviser in favor of a team approach to Financial Planning. It is this team approach that is widely responsible for the success Guidance Capital has experienced both at Money Concepts, our Broker Dealer, and industry wide. Since 2007, Guidance Capital, as a practice, has experienced year over year growth fueled by the referrals of clients who have developed a deep sense of confidence in the services provided. This has allowed us to add more partners and associates to strengthen our tradition of teamwork and attention to our valued clients.

In 2012, Beau Handy, CFP®, joined the Guidance Team as the team’s newest adviser, becoming a Partner of the practice in 2014.

In 2015, Guidance Capital Management Group relocated operations to a new facility built to further the dream of being a single source solution for our client’s financial planning needs. This move facilitated the bringing-together of both an accomplished team of estate planning attorneys as well as a team of health insurance experts specializing in both private plans and Medicare.

Guidance Capital Management Group continues to strive for excellence in service for it’s valued clients. If you would like to learn more about our team, we are eager to answer any questions you may have. Whether your need is with investment management, estate planning, health insurance, or any one of the many areas we service, take a moment to visit our “Contact Us” page and schedule a time to meet with one of our team members.

Jim Szeszulski

Jim Szeszulski President

“Success is more than luck, it requires purposeful planning. Our clients work hard to create wealth and it’s our team’s mission to work with clients and create a plan that will protect and grow their wealth in a predictable manner.”

What We Do

We are a financial planning and wealth management firm focused on comprehensive financial planning for individuals, families, and small businesses.


Meet Our Team

Our team is a dedicated group of experienced individuals ready to work with you and your individual financial planning needs.


Meet Our Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners bring additional experience and resources to the table and ensure a more well-rounded approach to your financial planning.


Our Broker Dealer

Simply put, a broker-dealer is an institution or company that engages in the business of trading securities for its own account or on behalf of its customers.

Guidance Capital Management Group has strategically chosen Money Concepts as its acting broker-dealer, due to the independent nature of its business activities and the integrity of its family oriented management team. Money Concepts was established in 1979 by the Walsh family and has been a fully functional, family-owned and operated Broker Dealer for over 34 years.

Through Money Concepts, Guidance Capital maintains its independence in deciding what securities to use and what products and managers to make available to our valued clients. Money Concepts has proven to be an exceptional provider of top quality compliance control and due diligence; services that are necessary in providing our clients with clarity and confidence going forward.