Meet Our Team

Beau Handy

Beau Handy Managing Partner & Financial Planner

“Without a plan, a goal is nothing more than a wish. At Guidance, I work with you to structure a plan focused on achieving your financial goals and then tailor that plan to maintain its fit until those goals become accomplishments.”

Stephen Gibson

Stephen Gibson Managing Partner & Financial Planner

“Our focus is on keeping a balance between safety and return. While making money is important, protecting that money is just as significant. Our goal is to strategically design portfolios that deliver satisfying returns with less volatility.”

Wyatt Callison

Wyatt Callison Financial Planner

Terry Mulvoy

Terry Mulvoy Executive Administrator

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson Client Relationship Advisor

Justin Yurt

Justin Yurt Financial Planner

Tom Kelley

Tom Kelley Financial Planner

Mari Rey

Mari Rey Receptionist