Wealth brings opportunities and challenges.
We bring clarity and confidence.

Passion for Excellence

To set and achieve high standards
in everything we do.


To maintain integrity as a firm, and as individuals,
in how we act and in everything we do.

The Journey

To find joy in the journey by pushing ourselves and encouraging those around us to do the same.


To maintain a healthy balance between our personal and professional lives.


To be careful and responsible stewards of our client’s economic, social, and human capital.


Growth To strive to be the best we can be personally, professionally, and financially.

Clarity and Confidence

Guidance Capital is an accomplished team of financial professionals and supporting team members including bookkeepers and Certified Public Accountants. Our deep understanding of markets, investment solutions and planning strategies help provide clarity and confidence to our valued clients.

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Our mission is to help you plan for your future, measure your performance, and make necessary updates along the way until your goals become accomplishments.

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