Our Process

The Guidance process is focused on consistency and surety.

A typical prospect will see us two times before finally putting pen to paper on the third visit. The first two meetings are strictly informative; the first allows the client to get a feel for what we do as a practice, as well as, to lay out what their particular needs are.

The second meeting allows us to gather all relative information that is necessary in developing a plan for meeting that client’s particular needs.

These first two meetings are extremely important to us, as they equip our team with all the necessary information we need to act as a true fiduciary to the client. This no-pressure approach gives each prospect the comfort they need to make an educated decision and to be confident in the decision they made.

After the second meeting, our team analyzes all the information and data gathered in the first two meetings and begins constructing a financial plan aimed at meeting the client’s needs.

Once a plan has been constructed, with alternatives in each key part of the plan, our practice presents the plan to the prospective client, giving them ample time to ask questions and truly understand the proposal before moving forward.

When the client is comfortable with the proposal, and they have a firm understanding of what is involved, the client can decide to move forward and implement the plan, alter the plan, or walk away from the plan all together.

Once the financial plan has been proposed and accepted by the client, it is then implemented and, going forward, monitored by our practice. Monitoring consists of at least an annual review and often times on a more frequent basis depending on client preferences.

Surprises aren’t well received when it comes to one’s life savings, and our clients greatly appreciate the consistency and surety that is deeply integrated into our proposal and review process. When our clients come in for a review, they know exactly what to expect, freeing them up to focus on any questions they may need addressed.